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Proof that Interim Managers are more successful than Permanent Managers

It’s not just business where Interim Managers can make a significant impact. The football industry is awash with Interim Managers, and if we take one club as an example (Chelsea) the performance of their Interim Managers has been pretty spectacular, and probably mirrors the stellar performance of professional interims working today, making careers out of turning things around.

If we look at the performance of Chelsea’s Interim Managers since the departure of Jose Mourinho in September 2007, it’s clear that they were all successful and left the club in better shape than when they joined (and with more trophies in the cabinet).

After Mourinho left, an experienced interim was appointed in the guise of Avram Grant who took Chelsea to their first ever Champions League Final, and they were a John Terry slip away from winning the Champions League; losing on penalties in a match they could have won. In the Premier League, Grant created a cohesive and organised team who pushed Manchester United…

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