Can LinkedIn-Twitter deal help Interim Managers?

There is no denying the growing importance of Linkedin when it comes to marketing yourself to potential clients and networking with like-minded peers. It is therefore interesting to learn that LinkedIn announced this week that they have signed a deal with Twitter, to gain extra exposure for LinkedIn members. The idea is simple: when you set your status on LinkedIn you can now ‘tweet’ it as well, amplifying your message to followers on Twitter. Likewise, when you ‘tweet’ you can send that message to your LinkedIn connections as well.

This LinkedIn / Twitter alliance looks good on paper, as I suspect that LinkedIn doesn’t have the ‘younger’ (18-35) users that Twitter has, and I would guess that Twitter is lacking users in the 35+ age demographic, which is LinkedIn’s bread and butter. So the deal means both websites will be widening their reach which will enable them to increase their advertising sales revenue and reach a wider demographic.

It may be the zeitgeist for 2009, but can Twitter really help Interim Managers to network and find interesting assignments? Or will it be just another networking tool in a sea of networking tools?

Whereas LinkedIn is a fantastic ‘business’ networking tool, Twitter is a ‘social’ networking tool, and I think there should be some demarcation between social networking and business networking, otherwise the waters will become mudded and time will be wasted wading through page after page of non-relevant content. For this reason, I will not be ‘tweeting’ until the benefits become clearer.


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