Which Interim Recruiters provide the best service to Interim Managers

Which Interim Recruiters provide the best service to Interim Managers

Leading Interim Management Jobs site, www.InterimManagementJobs.net, can reveal some interesting findings from their latest Interim Management Poll. The Poll surveyed 437 Interim Managers, who rated the service they have received from Interim Management Recruiters, based on a scale from one-to-five. Interim Managers were asked to rate the service they received based on the following criteria:

- What is your overall impression of the recruiter? - Did they maintain contact and keep you updated on your progress? - Did they understand what you were looking for in an interim assignment? - Did they understand the industry you work in?
Key findings reveal:

• 437 Interim Managers rated a selection of Recruiters they had worked with in the previous 2 years;
• Only Interim Recruiters with more than 15+ ratings were included in the results, with a total of 52 Interim Recruiters being rated;
• The company with the highest rating as voted for by Interim Managers was Capita Interim;
• Capita Interim received 122 ratings with an average score of 3.3 out of 5, voting them the best Interim Recruiter by a considerable margin;
• Capita Interim received the highest number of maximum scores, with 35.2% of respondents rating their service as a 5* (Excellent);
• The company with the second highest rating was Jarvis Johnson, with an average score of 3 out of 5;
• The Recruiter with the third highest rating as voted for by Interim Managers was Hutchinson Consultancy with an average score of 2.9 out of 5;
• The Recruiters ranking second and third are both Food Industry Interim specialists;
• The Recruiter with the largest volume of ratings was Michael Page with 138. Michael Page’s standing in the results table is 33rd out of 52 recruiters;
• Four recruiters who are members of the Interim Management Association made it into the top 12. They are: Interim Partners, Alium Partners and Campion Willcocks, and IMS Worldwide;
• Of the top 12 rated Interim Recruiters, 6 specialise exclusively in Interim recruitment, and the other 6 either provide both interim and permanent recruitment services, or are part of an organisation who provide permanent recruitment services.

The results reveal a surprisingly diverse mix of companies serving different markets and disciplines made it onto the list of the top dozen companies.

This includes niche companies operating within one sector only (Jarvis Johnson - Food, Hutchinson - Food), a company who recruit for one discipline only (Digby Morgan – HR), companies who only cover three-to-five specific sectors (Practicus, IMS, Campion Willcocks), a company who work only within the Public sector (Gatenby Sanderson), an organisation who work mainly within the Public sector (Capita Interim), and companies who cover almost any sector and discipline (Interim Partners, BIE, and Alium Partners).

Results ‘Premier League’ of Interim Recruiters

1 Capita Interim (Champions) - http://interim.capitaras.co.uk/interim/
2 Jarvis Johnson (Runner up) - http://www.jarvisjohnson.co.uk/
3 Hutchinson Consultancy (Runner up) - http://www.hutchinsonconsultancy.co.uk/
4= Digby Morgan - http://www.digby-morgan.com/
4= Interim Partners - http://www.interimpartners.com/
4= Practicus - http://www.practicus.co.uk/
7= Alium Partners - http://www.aliumpartners.com/
7= BIE Interim - http://www.bieinterim.co.uk/
7= Brooklands Executive - http://www.brooklandsexecutives.com/
7= Campion Willcocks - http://www.campionwillcocks.co.uk/
7= Gatenby Sanderson - http://www.gatenbysanderson.com/
7= IMS Worldwide - http://www.imsworldwide.co.uk/content/home.asp

A full ‘League Table’ with 'Four divisions' of results for all 52 Interim Recruiters featured in the Poll can be found on the Interim News section at: www.InterimManagementJobs.net


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